Louis Philippe and Versailles: How the Palace of Versailles became a Museum

Visiting the Palace of Versailles soon? You might fancy a tour of the Trianon and the Queen’s hamlet, or the King’s apartments. The former residence of the last royal family of France looks exactly the same, like frozen in time. But did you know that a whole section of the Palace was already a museum back in the 19th century? Louis Philippe, last King of France The Palace of Versailles lost its grandeur after the[…]

Who is Mona Lisa? What you didn’t know about the world’s most famous painting

Photo credits: Express.co.uk Who was Mona Lisa in real life? Why is Mona Lisa so famous? Millions of tourists visit the portrait of Mona Lisa (also known as La Joconde) every year. The famous lady even made a cameo in a Beyoncé music video recently which they shot in the museum that hosts her – the famous Parisian Louvre. La Joconde has received countless declarations of (unrequited) love over the years, never not sparking the[…]

Rodin and Monet: A bond over the pursuit of nature

Photo credits: Fondation Monet If you like impressionism and have a soft spot for friendship stories, you should visit the Musée Rodin. There you will find a friendly letter from one famous sculptor to one famous painter. An exchange between Rodin and Monet. Rodin and Monet were born only two days apart in the 19th century. Although it is unclear how they met, they shared a strong friendship and deep admiration for each other’s work.[…]