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Chartres and its cathedral, capital of light

During the winter season, we try to use as many opportunities as we can to go learn new tours. This week, we had the pleasure of going to Chartres, a city located 56 miles southwest from Paris. It is famous worldwide for its cathedral. The cathedral of Chartres was built for the most part between...
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5 Can’t-Miss Churches in Paris

Despite it’s secular reputation, France was for many centuries a Catholic country. This heritage is visible everywhere in daily life (most catholic holidays are public holidays), but also in the architecture. Because of course, religion implies places of worship. And there are many : up to 100,000 in all of France, including around 40,000 churches...
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5 Incredible Facts About Napoleon

Napoleon was many things, but short wasn’t one of them… You can see that for yourselves by visiting his tomb in the center of Paris, at the Invalides War Museum. 1. He was an army general at 26 Born in 1769 on the island of Corsica, he graduated from the military school of Paris in...
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Top 5 de tu día en Versalles

Versalles es mucho más que un palacio. Cuando Louis XIV, decidió convertir el palacete de caza de su padre en la residencia principal de la corte, del gobierno y suya, Versalles se convirtió en el reflejo del universo. No por nada se denominó a sí mismo como el rey sol. Él, en su palacio, es...
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Video: Eiffel Tower

MY PRIVATE PARIS VIDEO If you want to go to the Eiffel Tower, book here : Eiffel Tower Private Tour – My Private Paris If you want to know more about activities in Paris, don’t forget to drop us a line at contact@myprivateparis.com !
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Video: Royal Castles of the Loire Valley

MY PRIVATE PARIS VIDEO Visit Three castles of the Loire Valley This virtual tour was filmed in October 2020, in the Loire Valley. You can follow Flora Blanco, our guide, expert of French History, and Marie Segura, co-founder of My Private Paris. They will explore three French royal castles : Chinon, Amboise, Blois. They are...
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Notre Dame Paris nef

Virtual Reality experience of Notre-Dame de Paris

After the terrible fire of Notre-Dame cathedral on April 19th 2019, the restoration is still underway. With hopes of reopening the building to the public for the inauguration of the Olympic Games of 2024, which will be hosted by the city of Paris. In the meantime, a new attraction has just opened on January 15th....
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Notre Dame Cathedral Fire: an update from Paris

Tomorrow, the 15th April marks the first anniversary of the terrible fire in Notre Dame Cathedral last year. The medieval church on Île de la Cité is France’s most iconic landmark. Like the ‘Point Zero’ in front of the cathedral, Notre Dame is the symbolic heart of France. Following the article we wrote last year...
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Sacre Coeur History: Over 100 Years Overlooking Paris

It is one of the icons of Paris, perched up on the hilltop of Montmartre, overlooking the city. What’s behind Sacre Coeur history? Its unique architecture and location makes it stand out above the City of Light. Sacre Coeur has now become the most visited religious monument in Paris due to the closure of Notre...
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pere lachaise cemetery paris

The Mysterious Women of Père Lachaise Cemetery

I get it, we’re nowhere close to Halloween yet, but in my opinion it’s never a bad time for spooky Parisian stories! I would like to pass onto you obscure tales and folklore which take place in the Père Lachaise cemetery. Those are tales about once famous women that are now almost forgotten, their tombs...
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