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| Our Paris Travel Blog |

Start planning your Dream Trip to Paris now!


We have curated an exclusive form just for you so that you can create your dream custom tour of Paris! Simply browse our list of ideas and suggestions and choose what’s best for you. Tell us if you are into museums, day trips or even food tours

Let us know all about your must-do activities and must-see attractions and we’ll make a plan to add these dream trips to your itinerary. It’s as easy as it seems and only takes 5 minutes.

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Inspiration For Your Custom Paris Itinerary

Custom-designed tours are amazing because you only have to spend time on the activities and attractions that you find truly engaging. While anything and everything could be on the cards, there are tours that we are particularly passionate about.

Custom tours of Paris can form a vast array of unique itineraries, but these are a few things that we would recommend adding to your trip Wishlist.

Best Private Tours in Paris

Paris is famed for its quaint streets, stunning architecture, and attractions that fall within the city limits. So consider opting for a day trip around the city to explore the many local attractions. These are some of the tours you could consider adding to your itinerary: 

  • Paris Highlights Tour – to see the main attractions around the city
  • Sweet Paris Food Tour – to taste Parisian cuisine at its finest
  • Marais Private Tour – enjoy one of the trendiest neighbourhoods like a local
  • Montmarte Private Tour – explore the picturesque streets
  • Latin Quarter Private Tour – learn about the medieval portion of Paris
  • Cheese & Wine Tasting Tour – pair Paris’ finest cheeses with extraordinary wines
  • Paris Christmas Tour – feel the festivities like a local
  • Paris Flea Market Private Tour – go bargain hunting in the bustling markets of Paris
  • Notre Dame to the Louvre Tour – Appreciate exquisite architecture and incredible artworks 

Private Museum Tours in Paris

Strolling around some of the biggest museums in the world can be a little overwhelming. So consider adding some of these museums to your trip itinerary so that the local guide can lead the way: 

  • Versaille Private Tour From Paris – visit the former royal seat of power in France
  • Paris Catacombs Private Tour – explore the underground maze and cemetery
  • Louvre Private Tour – appreciate the artworks of famed artists
  • Musee D’Orsay Private Tour – admire the works of Monet, Renoir & Van Gogh
  • Notre Dame & Sainte Chapelle Private Tour – explore mesmerizing gothic buildings

Day Trips From Paris

Not all of the best things to see and do are located within the city limits. That’s why we take visitors on day trips from Paris so that our guests get the chance to experience the surrounding areas. These are some of our best day trips from Paris: 

  • Giverny Private Tour – explore Claude Monet’s house and garden
  • Fontainebleau Trip From Paris – stroll through the former residents of Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Loire Valley Day Trip From Paris – visit the beautiful Loire Valley, former home of  Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Normand D-Day Private Tour From Paris – pay respects to those who gave their lives for France

Why Build a Custom Travel Itinerary

My Private Paris offers Paris local tours that are custom-built for your exact needs and interests. You get to pick and choose the activities and adventures that suit your travel wishes and only venture to the tourist attractions that you are interested in. Having an experienced guide by your side means you don’t have to worry about the logistics – you can simply relax and enjoy your travels the way you are meant to.