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Bling Bling Wonders: Discovering the Magnificent Louvre

The Louvre is not only a treasure trove of priceless artworks, but also a sanctuary of “bling bling” extravagance. Some examples are the mesmerizing Crown Jewels, the lavish Apartments of Napoleon III, and the Apollo Gallery. It’s no wonder that Louis Vuitton, Beyoncé, and even France’s president, Emmanuel Macron, chose it as a backdrop for their creations. Let’s delve into the glittering facets of the Louvre that transcend conventional artistry.

Exploring the Crown Jewels

Nestled within the hallowed halls of the Louvre lie the resplendent Crown Jewels. The three most famous jewels are diamonds: the Regent, the Sancy and the Hortensia. The Regent diamond reigns supreme. Its flawless brilliance captivating all who behold its staggering 140.64 carats. With its unique pale yellow hue and exceptional clarity, the Sancy’s impressive 55.23 carats have graced the crowns of both French and English monarchs. Last but not least, the Hortensia diamond is a rare pink gemstone with a captivating hue reminiscent of delicate rose petals. Named after Queen Hortense, the stepdaughter of Napoleon Bonaparte, this exquisite diamond boasts a notable 20.00 carats. Amongst these remarkable jewels, the Gallery of Apollo within the Louvre serves as a fitting backdrop. Visitors can immerse themselves in the opulent ambiance of this prestigious collection, surrounded by gilded magnificence and unparalleled beauty.

The Regent

Journeying through the Apartments of Napoleon III

Step into the opulent world of the Apartments of Napoleon III, a place where luxury knows no bounds. These lavishly decorated chambers served as the private quarters of Emperor Napoleon III and Empress Eugénie. Adorned with sumptuous furnishings, gilded embellishments, and intricate tapestries, each room is a testament to unparalleled extravagance. You can’t help but be awestruck by the grandeur that once played host to royalty and dignitaries.

Apartments of Napoleon III

Beyoncé’s Iconic Connection

Thanks to the iconic presence of global superstar Beyoncé, the Louvre has become synonymous with contemporary bling bling culture. In 2018, Beyoncé and Jay-Z famously filmed their music video, “Apes**t,” amidst the grandeur of the Louvre. The striking juxtaposition of contemporary music and historic grandeur served as a powerful ode to the enduring legacy of the Louvre.

Louis Vuitton’s 2019 Cruise Collection

In 2019, Louis Vuitton chose the Louvre as the venue for the presentation of its Cruise Collection. The event took place in the iconic Cour Marly where models strutted down the runway adorned in the brand’s latest designs surrounded by the museum’s timeless sculptures and architectural marvels. The fusion of fashion and art created a mesmerizing spectacle, highlighting the Louvre’s role as a premier destination for haute couture showcases.

Cour Marley

Macron’s Triumph: A Momentous Celebration at the Louvre

In May 2017, the Louvre served as the majestic stage for a historic celebration as Emmanuel Macron marked his victory in the French presidential election. Against the backdrop of the Louvre’s iconic glass pyramid, Macron delivered his victory speech surrounded by throngs of supporters and journalists. The choice of venue held symbolic significance, echoing the grandeur and cultural heritage of France. As Macron addressed the nation from the heart of one of the world’s most renowned museums, the event captured the imagination of the world. Macron’s celebration in the Louvre became a testament to the enduring legacy of France’s rich cultural heritage.

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