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Welcoming the Paris Olympics: Our Reactions and Adaptions

As Paris gears up to host the 2024 Olympic Games, My Private Paris is excited to be part of this historic event. We are committed to giving our clients great experiences, even with the challenges ahead.

Photo: Paris Summer Olympics 2024

Our co-founder Bertrand D’Aleman and travel agent Manon Sauvage discuss how My Private Paris is adapting to the Olympic season:

Enhanced Flexibility

“We are keeping clients informed and ready for itinerary changes,” Bertrand says. “Flexibility during the Games is crucial.”

Full-Day Tours

“We offer full-day tours to handle possible disruptions,” Manon explains. “This ensures clients have uninterrupted experiences.”

Expert Guidance

“Our guides are ready to manage increased visitor traffic and venue rules,” Bertrand shares. “They make sure our clients have smooth and enriching experiences.”

Dedicated Support

“Our team is on standby for round-the-clock help and personalized support,” Manon adds. “From planning before the trip to on-the-ground logistics, we aim to exceed expectations.”

Bertrand notes that they initially faced concerns like road works and building renovations. “Now, we see Paris in its most beautiful light,” he says. “Even though the Tourist Bureau predicted a tough business year, we have seen a surge in last-minute bookings as hotels and flights get more affordable.”

Manon emphasizes their focus on “proactive preparation and great customer support.” She explains, “We make sure clients are well-informed and ready for any changes. It’s about more than just tours; it’s about giving strong support during a big event.”

Bertrand advises other tour agencies in Paris: “Remember, the Olympics is short, but its impact on Paris will last. Get ready for a great decade after the Olympics!” He also shares that at My Private Paris, we are taking time to enjoy the Games themselves, showing that there’s room for both work and play.

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