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| Our Paris Travel Blog |

Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum Private Tours

If you’re feeling up for a Private Paris City Tour, these are a few of the ones we offer on a frequent basis. However, if you’re looking to create your own tour for sightseeing in Paris, then contact us to create a custom tour.

Louvre for Kids

Louvre Treasure Hunt

2 Hours
Visiting Paris with kids soon!? We have prepared the ultimate Family day: a fun treasure hunt in the Louvre museum to have wonderful memories and gifts from Paris; if you can resolve riddles...
Louvre museum tour

Louvre Private Tour

2.5 Hours
Who would not want to take a guided tour of the Louvre when in Paris? The world’s largest museum is by all means a must-see but going on your own could seem overwhelming.
Louvre + Orsay

Louvre & Orsay Special Private Tour

5 Hours
Discover with your local guide two wonderful museums of Paris in 5 hours: the Louvre and Orsay. You will be amaze by all the masterpieces !

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Around the Louvre Museum

Paris Highlights

The Paris highlights tour is one for those who have never had the pleasure of visiting this city before, or for those who aren’t going to be in Paris for long. 

You’ll be taken to all of the city’s best sightseeing spots and tourist attractions. So be sure to have your camera ready to capture every moment. 

Here are a few of the locations you’ll visit: 

  • Arc de Triomphe on the Champs-Elysées
  • Notre Dame Cathedral
  • Latin Quarter
  • River Seine


Marais is one of the trendiest neighbourhoods in the central region of Paris. The area is filled with opulent mansions, pop-up stores, and art galleries. You’ll explore the Jewish Quarter before moving on to Place des Vosges. The latter is known for its high fashion, medieval streets, and gastronomic culture.

A Marais tour gives you an insight into the lives of the locals, giving you the perfect taste of Paris.

Sweet Parisian Food

This is a tour for those with a sweet tooth, the tasty treats will not disappoint your palette. Your guide will take you to some of the trendiest neighbourhoods to sample their fine delicacies.

You’ll also have the chance to taste the best croissant in the world, at Pierre Hermé. Your last stop of the day will be the Oldest Food Market in Paris to taste pastries and sample other goods.

If you’re up for satisfying your hunger with some of the city’s best baked goods, this tour will not disappoint.

Latin Quarter

The Latin Quarter is the medieval portion of the city and was crawling with Roman soldiers centuries ago. The architecture and design of the neighbourhood inspired many writers and poets, and when you visit, you’ll see exactly why.

Apart from learning about the history of the area, you’ll pop into cafes, explore book stores, visit the main squares, and stroll through the Luxembourg Garden on your tour.

Wine & Cheese Tasting

French culture revolves around good food and wine, and what’s more French than wine and cheese. Your tour will kick off by learning about cheeses made by an award-winning cheesemonger before you get to actually pair them with delicious organic French wines.

You’ll have this incredible tasting experience in an authentic medieval cellar, making it an even better experience.

Notre Dame & the Louvre

Discover the very heart and soul of Paris as you follow the River Seine through the ancient city, and explore the mysterious courtyards of The Louvre. You’ll also visit Cite Island, which is home to the famed Notre Dame.

The fact that it’s a private tour of Paris means that you’ll learn a lot about the history of Paris along the way. And you’ll be able to ask as many questions as your heart desires.

Plan your trip now

Would you like to venture out of the city with us? We can create a custom tour for you, tailored just to your liking. One of our fantastic Paris day trip tours is sure to satisfy all of your travel needs!