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My Private Paris

Finding the Real Paris

Paris is known for its iconic neighborhoods like the Champs-Elysees, but do you know where you can find the “Real Paris” ? These areas are must sees when visiting the city, but can sometimes feel a bit too “touristy”. Marché Saint-Honoré The center of Paris is bustling with Parisians and tourists. Behind the famous shopping...
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History of Jazz Music in Paris

The sounds rolling from Montmartre to saint Germain Birds flying high, You know how I feel, Sun in the sky, You know how I feelBreeze driftin’ on by, You know how I feelIt’s a new dawn, It’s a new dayIt’s a new lifeFor meAnd I’m feeling good… When one thinks of Jazz and Paris, one...
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Bastille Day: the National French celebration

Why celebrate Bastille Day? French National Day, also called ” Bastille Day” on July 14th was declared a national holiday in 1880. Today, military parade on Champs-Élysées in front of the Arc De Triumph celebrates Bastille Day. Proceeding the parade is a huge firework show and outdoor music festival in front of the Eiffel Tower....
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Paris Food Tour

Family Friendly Cafés in Paris

Going out to dinner with young children can often be tricky, and especially so whilst traveling in a different country and culture. Dining, and meals in general, are considered sacred to the French. Some foreign visitors to Paris, especially Anglo-saxons, may find traditional French cafes and restaurants the polar opposite of kid-friendly. Unfortunately many restaurants...
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Paris through the eyes of the Impressionists

Most people think Paris is very old but did you know the face of the city of lights was mainly designed in the 1860s? Urban planner Haussmann’s aim was to modernise the capital, uniformed façades of buildings and brand-new green areas. The Grands Boulevards, Camille Pissarro In February 1897, Pissarro took up a room in...
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What to do in Paris with children

With school vacations and Spring Break approaching, spring and summer holidays are coming up! Traveling as a family, especially with young children, is always an adventure in more ways than one. If you are considering a trip to Paris for your upcoming vacation, rest assured that it is a family friendly destination.  The easiest way...
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Family Outings in Paris: Sports Edition

Paris is known for being the city of love, as well as the city of lights. It has some of the most famous art museums & heritage sites in the world. But if you’re travelling with children who need to blow off some steam, Paris also has a lot to offer. Here’s a short list...
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Memories of WW2 in Paris

Unlike many other European cities, Paris did not suffer much destruction during the War. But here are some places of memories of WW2 in Paris. When the Nazis were marching to Paris, the city was declared an “open city” to avoid the destructions that occurred in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands or Warsaw in Poland. Starting...
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The different Vibes in Paris

Paris is comprised of twenty different arrondissements, or administrative districts. Beginning in central Paris with the first arrondissement, which is the location of the Louvre, the Tuileries Gardens and the Palais Royal, the arrondissements spread out clockwise in a spiral.  As you move further from the city center, the numbers of the districts get higher. The...
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Charles de Gaulle

Who is Charles de Gaulle? What you didn’t know about the French most famous president. If you enter Paris by air, the name Charles de Gaulle will be the first one you will hear. And if you know anything about history, you have most heard of Charles de Gaulle or General de Gaulle already. De...
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