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July 2019
paris flea market paris antiques buy paris art

Where to buy art in Paris: The Ultimate Guide

Paris : the city of lights, love, and art. With the markets, studios and art galleries in the city it can sometimes seem daunting as to where to start. Whether you’re already an art collector or are just in search of a special piece to bring home from your trip to Paris here is a...
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The Most Magnificent Fountains in Paris

Paris, the City of Light… and water? The use of water in French gardens has been an important design element since the Renaissance, following the Italian style. French gardens and public space designers have since incorporated fountains into the landscape to serve as monuments while also allowing for impressive displays of jetting water and the...
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Painting by Landon

Bastille Day in Paris – Origins and Celebration in Paris

July 14th in France is the Fête Nationale, or Bastille Day, which celebrates the anniversary of the French Revolution of 1789. The French Revolution was an extraordinary moment when people joined together to show that you could rise above an unjust situation and recreate a society. You may argue that this marks the crossroads of...
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paris plages paris beach

A Beach in the Middle of Paris!? How to Escape the Parisian Summer Heat without Leaving the City

It can get pretty hot in Paris during July and August. If you’re visiting Paris this summer and want to escape the heat, there’s no need to travel to seaside resorts. Since 2002, Parisians have had their own beaches right in the heart of city. EVery year, city hall installs artificial beaches complete with sand,...
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