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Notre Dame Paris nef

Virtual Reality experience of Notre-Dame de Paris

After the terrible fire of Notre-Dame cathedral on April 19th 2019, the restoration is still underway. With hopes of reopening the building to the public for the inauguration of the Olympic Games of 2024, which will be hosted by the city of Paris.

In the meantime, a new attraction has just opened on January 15th. You will travel back in time to the Middle Ages, through the city of Paris. An experience of the cathedral, like never before !

How? By the use of virtual reality ! Once the staff fits you with a headset and light (8 pounds) bag, you’re all set to start your trip through history…

A premium experience in Virtual Reality : Notre-Dame Cathedral, “Our lady of Eternity”

The journey is an initiation for all visitors. A companion will guide you throughout this immersive expedition, which follows a subtle progression. Bringing you through the different steps of Notre-Dame’s incredibly rich history, from the Middle Ages to today.

Gradually, you will gain an understanding of the building and its different parts. Understand the extent of the work necessary for the construction of the cathedral. But also to its eternal restoration and transformation.

You will then perceive the true meaning of Notre-Dame de Paris. Which is much more than a monument of stone: a place crossed by history and by the hopes, joys and faith. From the men who have worked, prayed or simply lived with it for 800 years.

The attraction allows you to experience the dream of every mediaeval history enthusiast. You’ll be able to go back in time. Are you ready to physically experience what the Middle Ages were like in Paris?

A real journey into the past, all visitors can join a fantastic expedition of over 800 years, from the 12th century to today.

Listen and learn about Historical context, techniques of old and new buildings. Of course, they made a parallel with the construction site of current restoration.

A fantastic tale of major events that happened over the centuries inside the cathedral. And you will meet a number of key figures: Napoleon, Charles de Gaulle, Henri IV…

Éternelle Notre-Dame” is not a simple visit, but a 45 minutes trip. You’ll get astonished to be back in the 21st century at the end of your experience

Watching builders of Notre-Dame through the VR headset

How can I contribute to the restoration of Notre Dame Cathedral?

This attraction also helps bringing the cathedral back to life. By buying a ticket, the public contributes to the financing of reconstruction work: 30% of the ticket price will be refunded in full to the public institution. For the restoration work of the cathedral as well as the Notre Dame Foundation in order to help fund the new interior design of Notre Dame. Each visitor will thus become a donor. So if you’ve always wanted to feel what the Middle Ages were like, and/or would like to help rebuilding Notre-Dame, this attraction is made for you !

Where is the attraction located ?

Note that the attraction will be located at different places in Paris : 

  • January-Spring 2022 : at La Defense, just on the west outskirts of Paris
  • Spring-Fall 2022 : at La Conciergerie, the mediaeval palace where Marie-Antoinette was held prisoner during the French Revolution
  • Fall 2022-onwards : in front of Notre-Dame cathedral, under the cobblestones of the courtyard

You can watch a trailer for this attraction here : 

Trailer Éternelle Notre-Dame

And, if you want to know more about the experience, Notre-Dame Cathedral or the mediaeval history of Paris, book our Paris Highlights or Notre-Dame to the Louvre tours !