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Video: Royal Castles of the Loire Valley


Visit Three castles of the Loire Valley

This virtual tour was filmed in October 2020, in the Loire Valley. You can follow Flora Blanco, our guide, expert of French History, and Marie Segura, co-founder of My Private Paris. They will explore three French royal castles : Chinon, Amboise, Blois.


Chinon’s château, a symbol of medieval power and prestige, rises majestically above the quaint town and the serene Vienne River. Its imposing stone walls, adorned with ancient battlements, tell tales of battles and conquests from centuries past. Within its formidable fortress lie remnants of its storied history, including the imposing dungeon where Joan of Arc once visited the French king Charles VII. Furthermore, visitors can explore the château’s winding corridors and hidden chambers, soaking in the atmosphere of medieval splendor while enjoying panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.


Amboise’s château, stands as a testament to the grandeur of the Renaissance era. Once a favored residence of French kings, its elegant architecture and lush gardens exude an aura of refinement and luxury. The château’s illustrious past is reflected in its opulent interiors, adorned with ornate tapestries, exquisite furniture, and priceless works of art. Visitors can stroll through the château’s meticulously landscaped grounds, marveling at the breathtaking views of the Loire Valley below, and imagine the lavish festivities and royal ceremonies that once took place within its walls.


Blois’ Château de Blois, a masterpiece of architectural evolution, offers a fascinating journey through the history of French royalty. From its medieval origins to its Renaissance splendor, the château’s various wings showcase the evolving tastes and styles of French monarchs over the centuries. Visitors can explore the opulent chambers of François I, or wander through the imposing Gothic halls of Louis XII. Outside, the château’s sprawling gardens provide a tranquil retreat, offering panoramic views of the charming town of Blois and the meandering Loire River.

Timeless and each one unique, the castles of the Loire valley are waiting for you…

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