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Top Things to Do in Le Marais Paris

If you’ve seen all the Paris Highlights and are now looking for hidden gems and places off the beaten path, explore le Marais! Situated in the 3rd and 4th arrondissements above the River Seine, it’s one of Paris’ most vibrant neighborhoods, perfect for bars, food, art and shopping. This trendy area in Paris is home to one of the world’s largest museums for modern art, the Pompidou Centre, the beautiful Place des Vosges and secret aristocratic gardens.

Le Marais is also renowned for its fantastic gay scene. In this article we’ll reveal the best places to get delicious food in the Marais, the Jewish quarter in Paris. From falafel on Rue des Rosiers to the best fresh food or patisseries – welcome to le Marais!

Marais Private Tour

Best French Market in Paris

Marché des Enfants Rouges

Secretly tucked away in the north of the Marais is a charming French market, the Marché des Enfants Rouges. It’s the oldest market in Paris! Named after a nearby orphanage where children wore red, you can find everything in this food hall. From Japanese bento boxes, to organic French wine, flowers, vegan bowls, Caribbean rum, smelly cheese, tasty crepes or burgers with blue cheese… The list is endless!

Best Bistro in le Marais

Les Philosophes

Located next to the Jewish quarter, Les Philosophes is our favorite café in le Marais. With fresh food straight from farm to table, it’s open all day, every day, no booking needed! There’s always a table free, and its terrace is the ideal spot for a quiet lunch on a pedestrian street. We recommend their beef bourguignon, as well as the salmon quiche, paired with some organic wine!

Best Pastry Shop in le Marais

Patisserie Bontemps

A hidden gem, well known by locals and influencers alike… It can only be the lovely Patisserie Bontemps. With amazing attention to detail, their delicate cakes look too good to eat! The tea room and terrace are exquisite and perfect for a brunch date. After taking plenty of Instagram pictures, try their sable, a delicious, buttery French cookie with fresh strawberry and vanilla cream. If you’re a fan of French desserts, why not come on our private pastry tour in le Marais!

Wine & Cheese in le Marais

Best Wine in le Marais

Looking for a unique place to have a drink? This is our favorite secret spot. Divvino Marais is a hidden wine cellar from the 17th century. They have an incredible selection of French wine, with lots of organic products from small producers – just how we like it! If you want to learn about grapes, or whether Champagne is sparkling wine, they have all the answers! Hear the history of wine from the best, from Dom Perignon to today!

Best Cheese in le Marais

If you’re craving strong French cheeses, Fromagerie Jouannault is the place for you! At this traditional French cheese shop you can find hundreds of different types. The perfect way to spruce up your cheese board. If you ask nicely you can try some before you buy!

Best Lunch Spots in Le Marais

Best Falafel in Paris

For a quick bite at lunch the famous L’As du Falafel is a must. It’s super easy to find on the Rue des Rosiers, as there are always people queuing up outside! They serve freshly made falafel wraps and sandwiches with cabbage, salad, soft pita and grilled eggplant. Our top tip? Get a take away and go eat in a garden nearby!

Best Terrace in le Marais

In the mood for lounging on a sunny terrace? Head to Chez Marianne, where you can get assorted Mediterranean plates, with up to 10 ingredients including hummus, tabouleh, tahini, stuffed vine-leaves and pita bread. The hard part? Choosing which to have!

Best of Gay-friendly Paris

For something different, try the bakery Legay for the best croissant in le Marais. You’re in for a surprise – their baguette is a… unique shape! If you want a slice of the USA, the nearby Tata burger is great for American food in Paris. Tata is bright, camp and super fun (ask for the burger DSK). Some nights there are drag shows, and everyone is welcome! You can tell where to find gay bars in Paris by the rainbow flags in the area. Check out Open cafe, Raidd and Cox.

There’s so much to do in le Marais – you can spend days there! If you’d like to explore some more, check out below our Live Virtual Tour of Le Marais with My Private Paris Co-founder Marie Segura and Local Expert Marie Dubuisson:

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