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Paris Strike – Tips for Visiting Paris During A Strike

Paris Strike 2019

December 5th 2019 marked the beginning of the record-breaking transportation strike currently taking place in Paris and the rest of France. Visiting the City of Lights during this time can feel daunting, but there’s no need to worry – with a bit of planning and the few key tips we’re sharing below, the Paris Strike won’t get in the middle of the perfect Parisian holiday you’ve been dreaming of for so long!

Pack Comfy Shoes

Paris is pretty much an open air museum – while visiting, you’ll walk many more steps than your fitness tracker is used to, even when metros run as usual. In strike time, plan strategically your walking itineraries (we can help you with that!), pack your comfiest shoes (and a warm outfit) and make the most of the roaming experience! It’s also a great time to put to test the many public bikes available (did you know that Paris has +400 miles of bike lanes?).

Paris is Still Buzzing!

Many people believe Paris is paralysed since the strike started, but that’s far from the truth – most shops, museums, and cafés run as usual, and the festive atmosphere is as magical as ever with sparkly lights and food markets all around.

Regarding transportation during the Paris Strike 2019/20, some trains and buses remain active. Metro lines 1 & 14 go through the center of the city and, since they’re automatic, they both run normally. Some other trains work during rush hour and many buses are active too (we strongly suggest downloading the app Citymapper, which informs live about the status of every line).

Transportation To & From the Airport

For longer distances (i.e. getting from and to the airport) we recommend booking a taxi ahead of time (apps like Uber or G7 work well) or using a private shuttle service (Le Bus Direct takes you to both CDG and Orly airports). If you have booked a tour with us, we will gladly arrange a private airport transfer or private chauffeur for you during your whole stay – please get in touch for more information.

Trust Your Local Expert

Last but not least, having an expert local insider by your side makes a world of difference. All our guides are used to deal with this kind of events both as tourism professionals and as Parisians, so they’ll know what routes are best to take and will adapt your itinerary accordingly. If you’ve booked your tour with us, you’re in great hands! 

Article written by María

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