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Paris Gift Ideas: Perfect Parisian Gifts to Fit in your Suitcase

Paris is known for being the capital of fashion and one of the biggest shopping destinations in the world. The possibilities are endless for finding classically Parisian gifts that will still fit in your suitcase. Below is a section of some ideas to inspire you on your next visit to Paris.

Parisian Style Staples

  • Scarves. Scarves are a staple in a Parisian’s wardrobe, and the great thing is that it is possible to fit a ton in your suitcase to take home! You can go for a timeless Hermès scarf or find some beautiful cashmere scarves at Eric Bompard
  • Marinière shirt. Another classically French item of clothing are the famous blue and white striped Marinière shirts. Armor-Lux has authentic marinière shirts for men, women and children and there are several locations throughout Paris.
  • Customized perfume. Paris is known for its cosmetics and perfume, and in the Marais at Le Studio des Parfums, a perfume creation workshop you can customize your own scent. Choose from 180 notes and even pick out your own beautiful bottle. 

Curiosities & Collectables

  • Haberdashery Stores. Paris has several charming mercerie stores where you can peruse their selections of ribbons, buttons, lace and accessories. Ultramod, near the Passage Choiseul is a favorite. 
  • Vintage Postcards. How about a trip to the Marché Aux Puces, the famous Parisian flea market? In addition to the antiques, art and clothing there is an antique dealer in the Marché Dauphine (one of the 14 markets at Les Puces) who sells a huge collection of vintage Parisian post cards. You can admire the old letters in French written in beautiful caligraphy. 
  • Taxidermy Butterflies. One of the most unique shops in Paris is Deyrolle, which is essentially a cabinet of curiosities. While there is a selection of large animals, the taxidermy butterflies which come in frames are a beautiful and unusual gift.

French Specialty Food

  • Macarons. A classic Parisian delight, macarons make a great gift (and can be kept for up to four days) that will also fit in your suitcase. Most people know Ladurée and their gorgeous pastel macarons and beautiful boxes, Pierre Hermé is also one of the best places to buy the famous deserts and their flavors are original and surprising!
  • Bon Marché. Visit the iconic Parisian department store, Bon Marché, and its famous food hall La Grande Epicerie de Paris to browse a selection of artisanal products that won’t take up too much room in your valise.
  • Tea. Another great gift are high quality teas from two of the best Parisian tea shops: Damman Frères and Mariage Frères. Both shops offer a huge selection of classic and seasonal teas, as well as really cute tea accessories and gift sets and there are several locations of each brand around Paris. 

Happy shopping!

Article written by Sarah

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