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movies set in paris

Our Top 10 Movies Set in Paris

With more time on our hands, now is a great opportunity to get inspiration for your next trip to Paris! Be transported to France from your couch with our favorite Paris movies.

Paris, the City of Love, the City of Light: it’s truly the best place to shoot a movie! Whether romantic, musical, comic or action-packed, Paris’ stunning scenery and culture has something for every film genre! On your next trip to Paris, tread in the footsteps of movie stars including Audrey Hepburn, Marion Cotillard, Owen Wilson and Fred Astaire. See Paris in a whole new light through the eyes of Hollywood’s most talented cinematographers.

Movie camera

Classic French films


The quintessential French movie Amélie is the perfect place to start when looking at movies set in Paris. Follow the quirky heroine through her home in Montmartre to her job at the Café des Deux Moulins, and skim stones on the Canal St Martin.

La Haine

Experience Paris’ grittier side with La Haine, a movie starring Vincent Cassel about life in the suburbs, riots, racism and police violence. 

Who said cartoons were for children?


One of everyone’s favorite animated movies – including Parisians! Consider this Paris movie an education in French cuisine as well as culture! Fun fact: the weird shop Aurouze is real and located in Les Halles! 

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

With incredible attention to detail, the world-famous Notre Dame Cathedral comes to life in this Disney animation. If you visit in person, see if you can recognize the gargoyles!

For the Romance…

Before Sunset

Next up in the best movies set in Paris! See all that the city of love has to offer with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. Our favorite feature? The famous bookstore Shakespeare and Company!

Paris, je t’aime : Paris, I love you

What better place than Paris for a romantic movie? A beautiful collection of love stories, from 18 different directors and star-studded casts (for 18 arrondissements). This is a film that makes you fall in love with Paris, and long to fall in love in Paris.

For the Music…

La Vie en rose

Marion Cotillard, one of France’s most famous actresses, playing France’s most iconic singer: it’s a match made in heaven! For any fans of Edith Piaf, this is a must-see. Cotillard brings her character to life in a dazzling (and Oscar-winning!) performance. 

An American in Paris

This all-singing, all-dancing musical whisks you away into the magic of early cinema. Celebrating all that is Paris, with glittering costumes and Gene Kelly, you’ll be longing to dance by the Seine! 

Want to step back in time?

Midnight in Paris

The go-to movie for Paris inspiration! This film captures the city’s enduring charm and vibrant cultural history. With the best movie locations in Paris, from the Rodin Museum, to Pont Alexandre III and authentic 1920s hotspots like le Polidor and Maxim’s, as well every artist from the roaring twenties you’ve always wanted to meet, like Hemingway, Dali, Fitzgerald and Gertrude Stein – it’s truly spellbinding. 

Funny Face

Audrey Hepburn’s envy-inducing whirlwind tour of Paris includes riding the horses in the Fontaine de l’Observatoire. It’s the perfect movie to watch when planning a vacation in Paris – complete with a little French existentialism too!

For action-lovers

Jason Bourne: The Bourne Identity

If you’re looking for something more high-octane, this should do the trick! Look out for the legendary car chase in a red mini…

Mission Impossible Fallout

Another thrilling action movie set in Paris. Buckle up for helicopter flights over the Eiffel Tower, parachuting onto the Grand Palais roof, and Tom Cruise biking the wrong way around the world’s craziest roundabout at the Arc de Triomphe, with police in hot pursuit!

So there you have it: all of our favorite movies set in Paris. All the travel inspiration you could need is just a few clicks away! And it’s 100% guaranteed to cure any stay-at-home blues too. Escape to la vie parisienne with this guide to the best Paris movies. Let us know when you’ve watched any – and book a tour to recreate these iconic moments on your next trip to Paris!

Article written by Arabella Patrick

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