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What to do in Paris with children

With school vacations and Spring Break approaching, spring and summer holidays are coming up! Traveling as a family, especially with young children, is always an adventure in more ways than one. If you are considering a trip to Paris for your upcoming vacation, rest assured that it is a family friendly destination. 

The easiest way to get around Paris is by walking which gives you an opportunity to see much of the city. However, when children can get tired from walking you may need to rely on public transports to get across the city.  Its important to keep in mind that the Paris Metro can be difficult with a stroller as only the newest line 14 has elevators at every station.

Opt instead for taking the bus which is much more stroller friendly.  Other ways to get around the city as a family could include going for a bike rides. Private Paris is now offering bicycle tours which makes for a really fun family outing while getting to learn about the history of Paris. Another enjoyable family activity is going for a  boat ride down the river, one of the best ways see the highlights of the city like the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame

Jardin des plantes

One great thing about Paris is that wherever you go in the city you’re always sure to find a park or a garden, where adults can relax and children can play. Most parks in Paris will have a playground, or an “Aire de Jeux”. In fact, there are over 500 playgrounds in the city!  If your children are fans of nature and science, you may consider taking them to the Jardin des Plants in the 5th arrondissement, which includes a zoo, a natural history museum and a gallery of mineralogy with immense crystals!  You’ll also find the Paris Zoological Park within the Bois de Vincennes, on the eastern edge of Paris. On the other side of the city, you’ll find the Jardin d’Acclimatation in the Bois de Boulogne. This is a small amusement park dating from the 19th century.

The beautiful Louvre museum

If you’re looking for more ideas of what to do as a family during your Parisian vacation, My Private Paris has designed special family days which include kid-centered activities and museum visits. My Private Paris’ signature Paris Family Tour is the ultimate Parisian family day. In the morning one of our expert guides who is experienced in museum education for children will lead you and your family through the iconic Louvre Museum.

The Louvre is the world’s biggest museum and can be quite overwhelming, especially for our youngest visitors! This is why My Private Paris has designed a special Treasure Hunt in the Louvre for kids. They will be lead on an adventure through the museum where they will discover ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman works of art. We’ll see masterpieces like the Venus de Milo and the Mona Lisa and children will hear stories from their guide allowing the artwork to come to life. During our museum tour we can also engage in special art activities so children can practice sketching sculptures or creating their own portraits.

The part of the Louvre Museum that is the biggest hit with children is the Medieval Louvre, where visitors get a chance to walk in what was once the moat of the former Louvre fortress. Children enjoy seeing walking along the footpaths and seeing the old castle’s keep! In addition, the rooms leading up to the Medieval Louvre have many interactive features along with models of the museum which children find interesting. 

After the museum visit, we make our way over to the Tuileries gardens for a lovely picnic lunch. After lunch we will cross the Seine to head over to the Saint-Germain-des-Pres neighborhood where you’ll embark on a delicious chocolate tour! While satisfying our sweet tooths we will also get to learn about important writers and artists who spent time in the neighborhood,like Enerst Hemingway and Pablo Picasso. Finally, we will head over to the family favorite Luxembourg Gardens. Here children will have a chance to run around, play in its famous playground and even go on a pony ride. 

Delicious macarons !

Another great way to spend an afternoon in Paris that is sure to please both parents and kids is going on a very yummy macarons and pastries tasting tour. My Private Paris’ Macarons and Pastry tour takes you and your family on a delightful visit  of  the  trendy Le Marais neighborhood. You’ll have an opportunity to try all of the most famous macarons and iconic pastries at the best addresses in the city while learning about how they are made. 

While you are exploring Le Marais, kids might especially like discovering the nearby Pompidou Museum with its one of a kind architecture. The Pompidou Museum even has galleries designed for young children ages 2 and up. Other interesting museums in Le Marais which are great for kids include the Musee des Arts et Metiers (a science and technology museum) and the Picasso Museum.

The fabulous Versailles’ palace

If you’re thinking of traveling out of Paris a bit, our Versailles Tour is very family friendly. You can choose from either spending a half or full day visiting Versailles. Our guide will meet you and your family at your accommodation in Paris and you’ll head to Versailles in a chauffeured car or van. Once in Versailles we will explore the immense gardens, where children can also have a chance to do a special scavenger hunt. While in the castle, kids will get to learn about the Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses who once lived there.

If you choose to spend the entire day in Versailles we will take a break for lunch after visiting the castle where we can have a picnic in the gardens. Kids will also enjoy the opportunity for a boat ride or a bicycle ride in the royal domaine. Afterwards, we’ll spend the remainder of the afternoon exploring Queen Marie Antoinette’s Petit Trianon palace and her very special Hamlet. Children will get a chance to see the fairytale like farm and animals like goats, sheep, pigs and bunnies! A castle which is just as beautiful as Versailles but much less crowded is the Palace of Chantilly, located just an hour away from Paris. This castle is a family favorite because of its iconic moat, beautiful gardens and impressive art collection. It is also not far away from a wonderful medieval village, Senlis, which you’ll also have the chance to explore. 

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Article written by Sarah