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Top 5 Apps You Need to Download in Paris

We are certain that these 5 apps will make your Paris experience 10x better! They each serve a unique role that offers quality-of-life benefits that are very convenient and eliminate many of the potential stresses of travel that could tarnish your experience. Let’s get started!

1) Map-Me

  • Map-me may just be the single most essential app that every traveler needs to download on their phone. This app allows you to check your location completely offline which means that you don’t have to stress over local SIM cards, data, or wi-fi when exploring Paris.

2) Bonjour RATP

  • The ultimate metro line app for navigating Paris and all of its iconic monuments. This app will show you the fastest routes to get to any location in Paris (including trains, buses, biking, etc.). Furthermore, it extends to the neighboring areas of Paris on the RER lines, so it is super beneficial for getting places like Versailles and Giverny.

3) Mr. Good Beer

  • The app is exactly as its name conveys. Discover the Parisian world of beer around you and find your best match. The app will show you prices, happy hours, and specialties that each unique pub serves. Parisian beer is some of the best in the world, so we’re sure that whatever you choose, it will be great!

4) The Fork

  • This app is super useful in finding the best restaurants while in Paris. Its navigation system is user-friendly, flexible, and will help you find exactly what type of cuisine you want, the best deals, and the best-ratings for the restaurants of Paris. 

5) Google Translate

  • A lot of French people (especially the older generations) do not speak much English or none at all. This can make communication very slow and difficult as gestures can only do so much. Google translate is an easy and fast way to convey your message to the locals, even if the translation is not perfect.

Get Creative With It!

These 5 apps are a perfect safety net to ensure a positive experience in Paris; however, don’t let them stop you from creating the experience that is best for you! Don’t be afraid to just walk into a cafe or restaurant and communicate with locals, or just get lost in adventure exploring Paris on your own terms.

Sometimes, the best way to experience something is to just go with what life gives you!

Article written by My Private Paris

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