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Easter in Paris 2019: Hunt for the best chocolate!

You want to find the best chocolate of Easter in Paris? The city offers various family activities, specially designed for Easter celebrations and to honor the Easter Bunny. Let’s focus on one important ingredient of this time of year: chocolate. Here are a few ideas on how to taste the best of Paris during this prolonged Easter weekend!

A history of Chocolate

Paris boasts households established under Louis XIV, producing some of the finest chocolates in the country, if not the world. The chocolatiers keep their recipes secret, but you may have the opportunity to create your own chocolate at the Museum of Chocolate while learning a bit a history about it. Easter seems like a great opportunity to learn your history of chocolate!

Hunt of the chocolate egg

If you are in Paris with your children, there are a few interesting egg hunts you may want to bring them to. The egg hunt is a national tradition and the city organizes them in every arrondissement. In the park André Citroën you may go egg hunting with you kid in favour of a charity, the Secours populaire. The best chocolatiers and pâtissiers of Paris will hide their delicious creations in the garden of the Champs-Elysées, be sure to participate on the 17th! In Montmartre, you may participate in the hunt of the Renoir garden, followed by a visit of the museum of Montmartre and arts and craft workshop where they can create bunnies and hens.

Easter egg hunt

Chocolate tasting

Now, after learning its history and chasing after it, let’s eat the chocolate. But not any chocolate. Here is a selection of some of the best chocolatiers in Paris! The great Angelina treats us to one of the best hot chocolate in Paris since 1903. You can trust in this teashop for Easter and send us the uneaten chocolate – for research. The house Lenôtre is a famous name, known for its handmade chocolate. This year, the eggs will be animal-shaped, you are in for a surprise! At the House of Chocolate, one of the best chef in France has created masked eggs inspired by different countries. You have Brazil, south-America, Ghana, Africa and Java, Indonesia. Plus, you have a forest of eggs!

These are just a few but be certain you are in the right city to find the chocolate that fits your taste. Follow one of our guides in a chocolate tour of the city to discover the best addresses and get the best facts and tips from a professional local guide!

From making your own chocolate to children friendly activities to tastings, I hope this bit of reading appealed to your tasting buds– it did make hungry!
Happy Easter!

Article written by Clémence

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