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How to Celebrate the 80th Anniversary of D-Day

A Day Never Forgotten

June 6th, 1944 is a date that is ingrained into the minds of the entire Western World alike. It will forever be remembered as the day that marked the liberation of not only France, but the entirety of Europe. Join in honoring our Veterans who fought and in celebrating the 80th Anniversary of D-Day!


On June 6th, 2024, the Normandy American Cemetery will be holding an exclusive ceremony in honor of the nearly 160,000 allied troops that stormed its beaches of Normandy. Furthermore, they will also do special honors for the lives of the 9,400 casualties and the 1,600 reported missing soldiers.

Normandy will also host an international ceremony the same day on Omaha Beach in which many government officials and military veterans will attend. Please be aware that these events are exclusive, meaning visitor access is strictly forbidden. Furthermore, Normandy cemeteries will be closed on both June 5th and June 6th, and travel conditions will be strictly regulated. In order to drive through the Regulated Traffic Zone, you will need a pass.

How to Get a Normandy Pass

Passes are traditionally given out in the form of a sticker to put on the hood of your car. In order to obtain a pass at all, you will need these three pieces of documentation.

  • A vehicle-registration document
  • A proof of address or any other proof (rental contract, hotel bill, etc.)
  • an identity document (Drivers License, Passport, Social Security Card, etc.)

Depending on your travel situation, there will be a unique way to obtain your pass. Take a look at the options below

Traveling From Inside to Outside the RTZ

If you are a permenant or temporary resident inside the restricted travel zone, and you need to travel outside for your accomodations, you will need to schedule a visit to your town hall with the information listed above.

Please note that if you live inside the RTZ and have no need to travel outside of it on June 6th, you do not need to get a sticker.

Traveling From Outside to Inside the RTZ

Entry into this regulated traffic zone will be possible at several crossing points, where gendarmerie forces will control the stickers. It is at these points the stickers will be issued. As long as you have the necessary documentation as listed above, you will be able to receive one without issue.

Please note that official crossing points have yet to be released. Read about how it was handled during the 75th Anniversary by clicking here.

Furthermore, even with the sticker, it is forbidden to drive on some roads. The RN13, the D514 (coastal road) and the D517 (road from Formigny to Saint-Laurent) will be closed from 6:00 am to around 7:00 pm on June 6th (depending on the movement of the official convoys).

Come Celebrate With Us!

Although the cemeteries will be closed the day before, and open only to special guests the day of, this special 80-year anniversary will be the perfect occasion to visit, or revisit, these major memorial sites. To celebrate this major anniversary, a regional mobilization will ensue to honor those who freed us from the occupation of the Nazis. Moreover, Normandy will offer an incredible 20 monumental firework displays over its 5 landing beaches for all eyes to see.

The Normandy D-Day Festival

Every year since 2007, the D-Day Festival Normandy offers a program of festive events in the context of the anniversary of the Allied landings in Normandy on June 6th 1944. The festival offers over 100 unique programs and events (fireworks, concerts, balls, parachuting, exhibitions, etc.) all of which you can view by clicking here.

Also, make sure to keep up to date by checking out Normandy’s regional page below!

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Article written by My Private Paris