January 2, 2019

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Photo credits: Express.co.uk Who was Mona Lisa in real life? Why is Mona Lisa so famous? Millions of tourists visit the portrait of Mona Lisa (also known as La Joconde) every year. The famous lady even made a cameo in a Beyoncé music video recently which they shot in the museum that hosts her – the famous Parisian Louvre. La Joconde has received countless declarations of (unrequited) love over the years, never not sparking theRead More
Chinese’ new year is upon us! In Nankin (China) on the Purple Mountain observatory, the date was set on February the 5th based on the lunisolar calendar. The year of the pig is fast approaching and calls for a proper celebration. If you have never heard of this celebration, then it is the perfect occasion to get to know this fabulous tradition within our capital. However, where to start? What are the best places inRead More
Temperatures are setting just above zero degrees (Celsius!), a grey unchanging sky blankets the city, and a freezing drizzle comes and goes and banishes us inside. What could we possibly do in Paris during wintertime? I say winter is an opportunity to do things we would not usually do in other circumstances. If you would rather stay tucked inside with a hot tea, that’s perfectly fine, but spoiler alert! There’s more you can do. HereRead More

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