July 3, 2015

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Marie and Bertrand are both experienced guides, having worked in the industry for many years, and then as founders of My Private Paris, a boutique guiding agency focused on high-calibre historical and cultural tours of Paris.

Marie, a true Parisienne, read Art History and Literature at La Sorbonne, and shares her knowledge of Paris in an engaging, exciting manner. Bertrand, moved to Paris at 18 right after High-school. His passion for the rich History, secrets and hidden gems of the capital is unmatched.

Together, Marie and Bertrand have hand-picked an amazing team of private guides who all share a love of the City of Lights, its history, architecture, and culture. We will carefully match your requirements for a private tour of Paris, from the sites you will enjoy the most to the guide that best suits your needs.

Marie S.

Marie grew up admiring the Eiffel Tower from her bedroom window. True story.

After graduating in History, Art History and Literature at La Sorbonne, her passion for Paris is limitless.

Books, wine and pastries that’s what Paris means to her.

She’s been a guide for TV shows and loves to share with travelers her favorite areas like Notre-Dame, the Latin Quarter or le Marais.

Bertrand A.

Bertrand was born in the beautiful Basque Country in Southern France and moved to Paris 15 years ago.

He fed his appetite for History, Sociology and Arts completing a master degree in Paris, Sweden and Lille.

He knows everything, from Napoleon’s favorite dish to the numbers of trees in Versailles garden!

His favorite area, Bastille, is known for the stories of the French Revolution and its endless list of restaurants and cafés.

Maria P.

Maria was born in Sevilla, Spain, the heart of vibrant Andalucia.

She fell in love with Paris and moved here 3 years ago to continue her Master's degree in Marketing and Communication.

She is passionate about Photography and Design and will share her best Paris pictures through Instagram.

She joined My Private Paris in 2018 to create the best experiences and private tours for you. You'll soon be in touch with her!


How to start with Francesca? Born and raised in Italy, she has studied Art History in Milano and Paris!

She has a great knowledge of French society and a unique view on cross-culture artistic movements.

It's hard to find an area of Paris where she doesn't know a great restaurant and at least 5 friends.

Francesca combines the French Cartesian spirit and the Italian improvisation and creativity.


Olek is one of the best Paris expert there has ever been! Fun, energetic and extremely knowledgeable.

With degrees in Law and Arts, he will make you fall in love with Paris' rich history.

From Montmartre where he lives to the Louvre, he knows all secrets and hidden gems.

Olek is also expert of all chateaux around Paris, from Chantilly to Fontainebleau.


Marion lives for the Arts! A passionate tour guide during the day, a jazz singer at night.

From the French Riviera to the hill of Montmartre, she follows her dreams and shares her passion.

But Marion is also a great foodie and will show you the best pastry and chocolate shops.

Whether in the gardens of Versailles or in the streets of Le Marais, her knowledge of Paris has no limits!



Raphaëlle has lived in Strasbourg, in the South-West and by the French riviera before reaching Paris.

She is a true artist and gives fascinating tours for adults and kids alike. Ask her about her sculptures!

The Père Lachaise cemetery has no secrets for her and soon for you too!

Raphaëlle has developed the great Art stroll in the streets of Paris tour.


Marc was born a few steps from the Chateau de Versailles and ever since has been passionate about the history of France.

After spending a few years in Spain, he came back to Paris to study Literature at the Sorbonne University and also became a professional musician and singer.

He will have you travel back in time in the streets of Paris as well as revealing the favorite spots for locals. You're in good hands!


Valentine grew up by the ocean in Western France but fell in love with Paris and moved in 8 years ago.

She graduated in Architecture and Art History and used to work in local Art galleries and even at the Palace of Versailles.

Wandering around Paris, discovering new places and stories is her favorite hobby. And French food too!


Lucien grew up just outside Paris and always wanted to live in the City of Lights. Now he gets to share his passion for our city with travelers from around the world!

Having graduated in History at the Sorbonne University, he is an expert of the French Revolutions - yes, we have more than one to tell you all about!

Down in the Catacombs or by the Notre Dame Cathedral, gazing at paintings in the Louvre or in a local bistrot in Montmartre, Lucien shows you why one can never get tired of the beauty of Paris!


Laure is a fantastic tour guide and part-time teacher, combining her professional activities with her PhD project on the role of female models and painters in art history.

With a BA in British literature and two Masters' abroad, she specialized in 19th century Art and museum display, with a keen interest in gender issues and pop culture.

The Musée d'Orsay is her second home, and you'll often find her behind the bookshelves of the National Institute Art History Library.

A cool art show to visit? A quirky venue to watch a gig or a play? With Laure, you'll never see Parisian cultural institutions the same way!


Quentin was born and bred in Paris, where he has lived for most of his life.

He graduated in Law and Philosophy and is now a passionate tour guide and a successful illustrator (ask him about his next exhibition!).

His insatiable curiosity and his years of field research in Parisian streets and cafés are the sources of a deep and authentic knowledge of his home town.

Wether in the cobbled streets of Montmartre or golden salons of Versailles, Quentin is the story-teller one has always dreamed of!


Flora was born in Paris where she studied History at La Sorbonne college and decided to become a private tour guide to share her love for Paris with people from all over the world.

She has travelled the world and recently lived between Paris and Argentina where her family comes from. French, English or Spanish, she just juggles with languages!

Today she is writing screenplays and guiding all over France. Two things that make her very happy!


Marie was born and raised in Paris and is the 5th generation of Parisians in her family!

In love with her city, she studied Art in highschool and Art history at La Sorbonne university.

More than just History, she loves the atmosphere, the lifestyle and especially the food of the city of lights!

Her best description of Paris would be this Victor Hugo's quote "Errer est humain, flâner est parisien": To wander is human to meander is Parisian.


Charlotte was raised near Bordeaux before settling down in Paris 5 years ago to study Art and History.

She loves the hidden gems of Paris: places people have forgotten about or what people usually don't look at. Don't leave your front door open or Charlotte will take a peek!

She is passionate about street art and never sets a foot outside without looking for pieces left on city walls. She is THE specialist in town of this artistic movement in particular.


Clémence was born in La Rochelle. Her father beeing British, she travelled countless times in England.

After her Master in Cinema, and studying Literature, she started writing screenplays. Making her first movie in 2016, she is always creating new universes.

Her writing skills allow us to have high-quality articles in our blog.


Farah was raised in Bangkok, Thailand, and has been blessed to travel and live in other parts of Asia, America, and now Paris.

She is passionate about fashion and she has been a stylist for 3 years and a personal shopper for a year now.

She's worked on photoshoots and has collaborated with different photographers, models, and makeup and hair artists.

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