January 22, 2016

Paris – Custom & Private tours

How does My Private Paris work for your trip to be a success?

You dream it

We have created for you a short list of ideas and suggestions to choose from for your perfect  private tour of Paris

You tell us what areas you wish to visit, how you picture your stay in Paris, and what food you would like to try!

It's as easy as it seems, and only takes 5 minutes.

We design it

Camille is My Private Paris guardian angel. She will soon be yours!

Based on your answers, she will design the perfect private tour of Paris for you. Something hand-made for you.

And Camille will help you planning the rest of your trip in Paris.

Et voilà Paris!

Private tours of Paris, famous or local restaurants, hidden gems & skip the line tickets.

We have designed dozens of fantastic trips, from honeymoon to family reunion.

Ask us for a photographer, a chef at home or even a private boat cruise at night on the river Seine!

A Private Tour Guide
There is nothing like exploring Paris with a fun and knowledgeable local guide. We do not lecture, we open dialogues for you to sense and feel the local culture. And fall in love with Paris.
Real human contact
Our Private Paris Tour Planner and customer service are also locals dedicated to you and your vacation. We answer your emails and phone calls just like we would do with friends. Promptly and honestly.
Best places in town
The restaurants, bars and shops we recommend are places we go to. Why giving the same suggestions you find in guide books when we can share our favorite addresses?
Airport and station transfers
You only one chance to make a first impression, right?! Let us plan your first meeting with Paris with one of our favorite driver. Airport, train station, hotel, apartment. You name it. We plan it.
Hotel or Apartment?
Where should I stay in Paris? We usually get asked about accommodations. To enhance you vacation, we have gathered a short list of exciting places to stay at. No matter your budget. Ask us!
Layover in Paris?
You have just a few hours and would like to visit Paris anyway? We plan it all for you. From the landing to the take-off. And this will probably be your the highlight of your trip.