May 23, 2015

Paris Food Tour – The best of French Gastronomy (by Notre Dame)

What's this Food Tour about
  • Visit an open-air farmer market, and try their specialties
  • Taste fresh croissant and baguette of different origins
  • Learn how to select your cheeses according to your liking
  • Relax and learn about French wine in an authentic Cave à vin
  • In one morning, you will become a French Gastronomy expert!
And why you'll love it

This Food Tour by Notre Dame and the islands is a great introduction to the best of French gastronomy. An easy walk around the Latin Quarter, Notre-Dame and Ile Saint-Louis with many stops to tease your taste buds. We start with delicious fresh croissants, learn about different flours for bread-making and discover the renewal of French pastry

As we get deeper into local culture and charming streets of Paris, we will meet with cheese-mongers and hear about the various traditions in the countryside. Only then we will choose our cheep, goat or cow-milk cheeses to pair with delicate and natural wines.

Your guide will introduce you to the best adresses in this area and you’ll live the true life of Parisian gourmet!

Paris best food tour Notre Dame

The Menu of your Food Tour by Notre Dame

*3-hour guided tour in English
*Local and professional Food Tour guide
*Exclusive visit to a Farmers' market
*Tailored itinerary based on your favorite food
*Tasting of organic wines and authentic cheeses
*and a private tour around Notre Dame cathedral, Saint Louis island and the Latin Quarter

*Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 10am and 2pm
*from EUR 255 per group (food and drinks are extra)

An introduction to Notre Dame and Saint Louis islands

A few pictures from our Notre Dame and Saint Louis islands tours