May 23, 2017

Art stroll in the streets of Paris

Highlights of your tour
  • Exclusive Art stroll in the streets of Paris; 
  • Discover various art styles in the company of a local artist;
  • Learn how to recognize Gothic or Cubic art at first sight;
  • Visit hidden gardens, intimate churches & Paris art school;
  • Enjoy Paris' best vista and get lifetime memories.
  • This tour is for all travelers willing to learn about Art in a fun and engaging way!
And why you'll love it!

Paris is a magnificent city filled to the brim with beauty and art. Here, some of the most dazzling works of art surprisingly are not found within the hallowed halls of museums but rather in the streets, parks, Cathedrals and alleyways that span its age old centers. Find the right path and you’ll experience something singular, what can only be described as an open air museum!

We will be taking you through the most picturesque parts of Paris uncovering beautiful works of art along the way. From the frescos of Delacroix to the hidden sculptures of Rodin to the more recent works of Daniel Buren you will discover a side of Paris rarely seen and even more rarely understood. Our guide will take you on this incredible journey giving you precious insight into each discovery while revealing the fascinating stories that lie within.

Paris is known today as the “City of Art”, what better way to explore the beauty and depth of Paris than by discovering the works of art embedded within its heart.

Details of your tour

* Exclusive itinerary designed by a young Parisian artist
* Private tour in English (also available in French)
* Hidden art works by Picasso, Rodin or Delacroix
* Discover unique paintings, statues and architectural styles

* Morning or Afternoon tour
* Available every day

Rates per tour (all included)

 3-hour tour 
1 or 2 personsEUR 255
3 to 6 personsEUR 300

All rates are per tour (not per person) and include entrance fees and all taxes.

A few pictures from your Private 'Art stroll in the streets of Paris'